Friday, July 24, 2009

All Powdered Milks Are Not Created Equal. Morning Moos Review

I just got back from a week of camping and playing in the outdoors. I was out of milk and a busy couple of days has made it impossible to get to the grocery store and so I have been relying on my new favorite food storage staple, Morning Moos Low Fat Dry Milk Alternative. Normally I do not like reconstituted powdered milk. But I love Morning Moos. In fact the first time I gave it to my children (without telling them it was powdered milk) I asked them what they thought of some new milk I was trying. My son's response. "I like this better than our regular stuff." It was shocking -- he asked for a second glass. I actually like it a little better myself. I am not really a big milk drinker. But I actually like a cold glass of this stuff. And I mean it must be cold before you drink it.

The bonus of this brand of powdered milk is it is not a total dairy product. It does contain some soy and is a little easier on those who have difficulty eating or drinking dairy products. It does contain dairy but it also contains soy and whey. It is not nonfat with 2 grams of fat per serving but I promise you it is tasty and a good investment, especially for those days when you can't seem to get to the grocery store. I bought mine at my grocery store. Look for it in the bulk food items aisle or check out the Morning Moos website for more info. Costco also carries it in large buckets.

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Frieda said...

If you're in Utah, you can get a great deal on this in the Blue Chip warehouse....I use the powdered milk in my baked goods. Love, love, love this stuff! Make it the night before because it tastes great chilled. I mixed it in a clean milk jug and my family didn't know the difference...Way better than the powdered milk froth that I grew up with....


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