Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Salsa Tuna Sandwich --Open Faced

Featured Pantry/Food Storage: Salsa, Tuna Fish

This recipe was so simple to make I am almost embarrassed to post it. But, I know there are others like me with whole cases of tuna fish in their pantries. And frankly, I get tired of the same old tuna sandwich. Plus, I wanted something more low fat. If you are in the same tuna rut as me, this sandwich is just the tuna ticket and I am proud to say it is 80 percent pantry/food storage friendly. Don't you dare check my math. I married an accountant so I didn't have to do math all the time.

Here's an idea for your next tuna sandwich.

1 can of tuna fish (not oil packed)

1/4 cup of salsa

1 slice whole grain bread (even better if it is homemade)

3 leaves of spinach

mozzarella slices

Combine salsa and tuna fish. Layer bread with spinach, tuna mixture and mozzarella.

Easy, flavorful, pantry friendly and yummy.

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