Friday, May 14, 2010

Heritage Cooking and Shoyu Chicken

It is shameless promo time again. Yep, May's issue of Alive! Utah is up and that means we have an all new Taste section. I did not write the feature article this month. It was written by my new friend Adrianne Tawa. But she has a lovely article discussing the role of cooking as a part of our heritage. We all bring our mothers or fathers into the kitchen with us when we cook. I love when I cook my Grandma's recipes. It is like I can feel her puttering around the kitchen.

Adrianne's lovely article is followed up by some absolutely yummy Polynesian recipes. She lived in Hawaii (although she spent much of her life in Utah) and married a native Polynesian from New Zealand. Therefore, Polynesian cooking has become a huge part of her family's heritage. So if you are feeling like a little reminiscing about the cooks who shaped your early kitchen experiences or if you just want some easy and delicious recipes hailing from the islands go check our latest Taste section. Heritage Cooking

I did, however, write the accompanying article on How to Make Your Own Cookbook online.
An excerpt:

"Little scraps of paper tucked into boxes, handwritten recipe cards splashed with sauce and smudged with flour: is this the state of your family recipes? Well-loved recipes are a family treasure. In many ways they are a part of our family history. Fortunately, technology creates better organizing and preserving solutions for these kitchen treasures?"
The article: Make Your Own Cookbook

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