Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nutella Challenge: Raspberry Nutella Quesadillas

Chocolate and raspberry, hands down or hands to mouth, one of my favorite flavor combos. These decadent, sticky and completely easy dessert quesadillas are my entry into the Nutella challenge for August. I had to join the Nutella challenge hosted by one of my fave bloggers bell'allimento. So every month I will be posting a Nutella recipe/creation.

Now you may be wondering, what does Nutella have to do with a blog dedicated to pantry and food storage cooking. What?! you don't ALWAYS have Nutella in your pantry. As my sister would point out I have a few weird food storage staples and they are marinated artichoke hearts and Nutella. We buy it in bulk at Costco. It comes in a two pack with bigger containers and it costs a lot less. So, for me Nutella is a food food storage staple and it is one of the best ways to store one of the important food groups: chocolate. So without further ado I bring you one of the easiest desserts ever.

Now I made my quesadillas with a quesadilla grill. It was a gift and I have discovered it is one of my favorite kitchen appliances, thank you to my SIL. You can make these quesadillas in a warm nonstick pan on the stove also.

The Recipe:
Each quesadilla will make about 6 wedges.

2 flour tortillas per quesadilla. I used the smaller flour tortillas.
1 TB Nutella per quesadilla.
1/2 pint raspberries per quesadilla. ( You can also use sliced strawberries)

Spread tortilla with Nutella within 1 inch of edges. ( It will bubble out).
Place halved raspberries on top of Nutella. Top with second tortilla and place on heated quesadilla grill or in heated pan. If you use a pan make sure you press down on the tortilla.

Toast until golden on each side and juices bubble from edges.

Remove from pan. Allow to cool a couple of minutes and slice into wedges.


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Mike said...

I did a Nutella ravioli with raspberries but I was not quite satisfied.

If you have any ideas, I would appreciate them.



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