Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Chicken Pesto Alfredo Fettucine

Every year I serve up this dish for a St. Paddy's day luncheon. But, St. Patrick's day has come and gone and the more I thought about this favorite pasta dish I realized that I almost always have these ingredients on hand and it is therefore an ideal recipe for food storage and pantry eats. I love pesto. I store it in at least three different versions in my home at all times. I make my own every summer from homegrown basil and then I freeze it for the long winter months ahead. I will share my pesto recipe with you this summer when the basil is prolific. I also always keep a jar of pesto in my pantry or refrigerator and then I always have the powdered pesto sauce mix on hand for this pasta creation.

The alfredo part of this dish is also from the powdered sauce mix. I have a handicap when it comes to making alfredo sauce from scratch. It always flops. But I seem to get along better with powdered alfredo sauce mix. Plus these are easy, budget friendly storage alternatives that add a little spring flavor to your pasta repertoire. I usually add chicken to this pasta but it makes a good stand alone dish as well.

1 Pkg powdered creamy alfredo mix
1 Pkg Pesto sauce mix (I like McCormick and Knorr)or 2 TBS fresh pesto
water depends on pkg directions
oil depends on pkg directions
milk depends on pkg directions
1 1/2 C. cooked Chicken, cubed (optional)
1 pkg fettucine

Prepare pesto sauce first and then prepare alfredo mix. Add pesto to alfredo during the last minute of cooking. Toss with chicken and pasta.
So simple and so delicious.

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