Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Reduced Sugar Blueberry Jam

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Pantry Suggestion: Pomona's Universal Pectin

Did you realize that sugar makes up 55 to 85 percent of most jam's or jellies, especially the ones you make yourself. I think jam tastes great even without all that sugar which is why I almost always make my jams with reduced sugar.

I bought 2 pounds of blueberries with good intentions to make up lots of blueberry jam. But, I had some of those blueberries in my yogurt. My kids ate them by the handful. They slowly disappeared. Finally, I set up guard and refused any more eager fingers access to my blueberries. By that time I only had enough to make two jam jars. Thank Heavens for my new favorite find, Pomona's Universal Pectin. I had heard about it on another blog and found some at the health food store. This stuff is great for so many reasons. First of all you can use any sweetener including, honey, sugar, fructose, stevia. I am a big fructose user so I pulled out my fructose. The ratio of sugar to jam is dramatically smaller because this pectin is calcium activated. Second, I love this stuff because one box makes several recipes and you can half or double the recipe as needed. That is just really difficult with the typical store bought no sugar needed pectins. Third, this jelly gelled so beautifully and the taste turned out great.
This pectin uses a calcium water solution that comes with the pectin.
If you can't find this economical and healthier alternative for your jams, visit

The original recipe available in the box
4 Cups mashed blueberries.
1/4 Cup lemon juice.
2 tsp pectin
2 tsp calcium water
3/4 Cup fructose or sugar

Prepare your jars and lids. Sterilize 4 to 5 pint size jars. I just put mine on the sanitize setting in the dishwasher and keep them warm in there while preparing the jam. Simmer your lids on low for at least 10 minutes. Do not let your water boil.

Add lemon juice and blueberries to a large bowl. Mash your blueberries. Don't over liquefy. Add calcium water to mashed blueberries. Stir. Add pectin to the sweetener and stir to combine.
Bring fruit to a boil. Add pectin/sugar combo, stir vigorously for 2 minutes or until all pectin is dissolved. Return to boil and remove from heat. Fill jars to 1/4 inch of top. Place lids and screw on rims. Boil 5 minutes in boiling water canner. Add one minute for each additional 1,000 miles above sea level. I processed for 12 minutes. Remove from water. Place on a towel and let cool. Check lids for good seal. Lids should be sucked down.

Mine gelled withing 24 hours and I was licking blueberry jam off the knife the next day. Yum!

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Miranda said...

Yum. I made blueberry jam too. Plus, Peach Cinnamon, Cherry Vanilla and Strawberry. I am addicted. LOL.

I was going to try the pectin where you do not need to add sugar...It is sugar free, but I was a little afraid.

Chris Stewart said...

I love eating fresh jam, but I’m way too lazy to make it. I'd be happy to eat anybodies batch if they try this recipe out. ;)

Frieda said...

Just went to a canning class last night. Only 4 people showed up! Just gave you an award~you are inspiring! Enjoy!


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