Friday, January 29, 2010

Costa Rica -- An experience in Dining

I am knee deep in article writing for my Alive! website. And I have been ignoring my food blog. So, I am going to steer from my traditional theme on Pantry cooking and bring you some images straight from Costa Rica.

The hubby and I took a little vacay getaway before he launches himself into tax season. We needed it. It makes the next several months go sA few of the days we were able to veer away from resort food and try some authentic dishes in Gunacaste, Costa Rica. They have a pretty basic diet.

Beans and rice, chicken, beef (you should see those white cows and brahma bulls, they are creepy ghost-like when you see them walking in the fields at night. ) fried plaintains and seafood.

I was expecting a regional salsa fresca. They don't really have a salsa (although they love this stuff called Lizano sauce) but they make an awesome pico de gallo and their black refried beans are delish. I am pretty sure the refried beans have a shot or two of the Lizano but I love them anyway. I am going to track down the refried bean recipe and post it here later. I am also hopelessy hooked on their Britt Chocolates -- a Costa Rica product. Thank heavens I can't get them easily in the states. One of my favorite parts about Costa Rican dining: Most of the restaraunts are plein air. It is so lovely to be able to sit outside and eat with the tropical breezes blowing in your hair.

And now a few shots of our food adventures:

Let me say a little something about the seafood soup. I was feeling extremely brave that day. And I was fully prepared to eat the whole thing until I pulled out an entire squid. That was the end of that.

Fried Yucca. Very similar to a potato fry. See those red tinged refried beans. Mmm!

The hubby's very safe rolled and stuffed chicken. Oh why could I not go safe?

The beef loin, or as we like to call it, the half a cow that the poor pregnant lady accidentally ordered.

The squid, I pulled out of my soup. Somehow, I really thought squid meant neat little slices of calimari. I really have no desire to eat legs and suckers.

The seafood soup.

The rice with tuna was amazing and the chicken was great. This was our hearty lunch after an exhausting but exciting ride through the zip line canopy tour.

Their dessert of choice: Flan or bread pudding.

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