Monday, March 22, 2010

Freeze Dried Stroganoff Review

Calling all food storage and emergency preparedness fanatics.

I am so excited to review one of the products I recieved from The Ready Store. I am really excited about this site I recently discovered online. I called and asked if I could review some of their product for this blog and you would not believe the haul of stuff they sent me. I will be doing more than one review of their products in the next couple weeks. The online store has everything from MREs to freeze dried meals in bulk to emergency kits. I am so loving them. In their freeze dried food, they carry two well-known brands Saratoga Farms and Mountain House. Occasionally, I want to stock up on some freeze dried food. Yes, it is expensive but it so much tastier than the plain old dehydrated stuff (which they also carry). I love that I don't have to go scouring the shelves of my limited store sources in town to find what I need.

So on to the first review. We are big lovers of stroganoff in this family. And so when The Ready Store sent me a can of their Mountain House Freeze Dried Stroganoff to try, I thought to myself, "We shall see." Now I am not saying this stroganoff turned out as delicious as my homemade stroganoff. It did not. But it was good! And we gobbled it up. It was a little reminiscent of hamburger helper (although this stuff includes the meat) but my girls don't like hamburger helper and they liked this. There is also no MSG in the ingredients.

It was ridiculously simple to make. Add boiling water and let set. The simplicity and the taste lends itself to many uses. It comes in both #10 cans, four-serving packs and single-serving packs (there are lots of other main dishes available). I will say that once it the #10 is open it suggests using within a week. Which can be tricky if you only need 5 servings at once. (#10 can has 10 servings) however if you need to feed a crowd, the #10 can is perfect and I will be purchasing a couple of these (despite the price tag) for my food storage. See #4 tip for a way to use leftover servings within a week.

5 Ways to use Freeze Dried Stroganoff
1. Camping. This is a perfect meal for a camping trip. Boil the necessary amount of water and then soak the mix. Done and hearty, tasty and low maintenance.

2. College Students - When my brother was in college he literally ate the same thing every day. It was ridiculous. But give a college boy a #10 can of this stuff and he has a week of meals for $26.49. What a perfect care package gift.

3. Food Storage - Freeze dried food is always expensive. But if you are stocking your food storage it is a good idea to have a few simple meals that require nothing more than water to prepare.

4. Hot Lunches - One serving requires 1 Cup mix and 3/4 Cup water. Use any leftovers from the #10 cans for lunches. Prepare and place in an insulated soup tin. With 11 grams of protein it packs a good energy punch.

5. 72 hour Kits - Buy the individual packs or four-serving pack for your 72 Hour kits. They come in waterproof space saving bags that make them perfect for emergency meals.

Next week I will review one of their other products. You can also check out their store by clicking on the badge on the side of this blog.

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Frieda said...

This is a great post....Nothing is as good as homemade, but in an emergency, anything will taste great! Some of my neighbors swear by the freeze dried goodies, but they need to remember to stock up on additional water to help prepare these types of meals. Moderation in everything, I say ~ a little bit of pantry items, some freezer items, and now on to freeze dried goods!


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