Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Cupcake Recipes

I am totally cheating, AGAIN! Whoo I have been busy getting my April online magazine ready. But what I did cook up were some cupcakes. I needed pics of these yummy recipes contributed by my writer, who also happens to be a professional cake bake/decorator. Somehow we didn't get her cupcakes photographed so I ended up making 48 cupcakes one morning. Let me just say that I do not usually make cupcakes. Until now I didn't really get it. But now I so get it. They are fun, they are adorable, they are even more fun and adorable to give away and when you have an easy delicious recipe they are extremely tasty. So here it is the link to Carie Homer's cupcake cooking tips and recipes for double fudge cupcakes, coconut cream and her mmmm mmmm! cream cheese frosting. Cupcakes Not Just For Kids .

Now I will be happy when the last cupcake is gone so I can actually start my after Easter diet.

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Cajun Chef Ryan said...

Cute little cupcakes!

Bon appetite!


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