Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sugar Free Raspberry Soda

It has begun. I am going back off refined sugars. I have done it before, for 10 years in fact. And it was good for me. Somewhere along the road I decided I could gorge myself on the stuff again. But I am seriously limiting my sweets to the weekend from now on. So how do I stand the sugar craving. How do I keep my resolution? I remembered I had a couple yummy things in the pantry for a lowfat, sugar free midday sweet sipper.

Now I am also trying to reduce my artificial sweetener intake, but I am going to need to feel like I can indulge every now and then. And I needed something sweet sparkly and bright on this cold January day. This sugar free syrup does have Splenda added to it. So buy the regular syrup if you want.

This is so easy it is ridiculous but I would like to say that sometimes it is a good idea to stock our pantry with a few treats that can gourmet up our pantry eating. And I know how much I would pay for something similar at the sidewalk cafe downtown. One cup would cost me as much as the whole bottle of raspberry syrup cost me at the store

Raspberry Soda
1 serving
1 cup club soda or Perrier
2 TB of sugar free raspberry syrup. I used Torani brand

Stir and watch the bubbles rise. Perfect for a midday pick me up.
In honor of New Year's food resolutions our Taste feature at Alive! Utah is on 3 food resolutions and recipes. Check it out.

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It's so great that it's sugar-free. I've been trying to cut sugar from my diet so I love such recipes.



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