Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cherry Whole Grain Pancakes

Please forgive me, I have been away for awhile. I mean who really wants to cook in the summer? And so I bring you something so easy it almost can't be counted as cooking.

This is really too simple to be a recipe. It's more like a review and a great idea. I am all about making your own pancake mix from scratch. But sometimes I am also about stocking up on a good premade pancake mix. How I love thee Costco. On my last trip to Costco I spotted a couple of goodies that were destined to become partners in my kitchen one morning.

The Coach's Oats Multigrain pancake mix and Kirkland's Dried Cherries.

The multigrain mix is full of wholesome goodness. Oats, wheat flour, rye, barley, flaxseeds, and buckwheat. Healthy stuff and lots of it. My standard homemade mix does not have all these goodies. The best part is that the pancakes are still really tasty with a touch of sweetness.

The dried cherries were incredible and I have been eating them with almonds all week. The bag is almost gone. I always keep dried fruit in my pantry and I am really excited to have found these cherries to add to my regular pantry stock.

Well, I made the pancakes which require an egg and water and then folded in these cherries and topped with a few more cherries and some homemade apricot jam. So next time you are thinking of adding a little something to your pancakes try dried cherries or dried craisins or dried blueberries.

Soo yummy, straight from the pantry and well just a little gourmet. Doesn't cherry equal gourmet to you?

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