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Creamy Tomato Baked Scallops: A Paleo Recipe



Here is a great recipe that follows the guidelines of the paleo diet. This diet is based on the principle of examining the ways humans historically ate during the Paleolithic period of development, from approximately 12,000 to 200,000 years ago.

The idea behind the diet is that our digestive and cardiovascular systems were not evolved to deal with many of the processed types of foods we eat today and that we don’t eat enough of the food groups that were vital to humans during this historical period of development. Paleo diet advocates theorize that the difference between our diet today and then (along with our increased sedentary lifestyle) may contribute to our sky-high rates of heart disease and diabetes.

The diet encourages eating lean meats and poultry, as these would have been a significant source of protein to our ancestors. The diet is also encourages eating nuts and seeds, game meat, fish, shellfish, fruits, and vegetables. In the diet, people are encouraged to avoid eating dairy, cereal grains, high-salt foods, fatty meats, and sugary foods and sweets, often which are the basis of a lot of recipes taught in cooking schools today.

How the Recipe Fits In

The recipe I’m bringing you today is Creamy Tomato Baked Scallops. This recipe is excellent because it’s easy to prepare and cook, and the only truly special ingredients you’ll need are the fresh scallops themselves. The recipe encourages using fresh scallops rather than frozen ones, as these have a much nicer texture.

The recipe’s main ingredients are seafood and vegetables, including onions, garlic and tomatoes. It uses a small amount of coconut oil, which is on the paleo list of items to consume in moderation. This is a great pantry recipe, too, because tomato sauce and coconut milk are key ingredients and you’re likely to have these around the house. The recipe doesn’t require any crazy spices (only oregano, salt, and ground black pepper, although any Italian spices would probably be a great addition). Scallops are often a hit with picky kids. My 5-year-old will generally only eat chicken breasts, but I could easily talk her into eating this dish once she had a bite.


This scallop recipe is made by sauteing the garlic and onions in coconut oil, then adding the tomato sauce and coconut milk. This mixture is then poured over the scallops, which are placed on the bottom of a baking dish. I love baking recipes, as you don’t have to constantly watch and stir a pot. To become a real culinary expert or interested in learning more about cooking skills, consider getting a culinary degree online.

Keep an eye on your scallops, as overcooking them will lead to a chewy texture. If you have smaller scallops, they will take less time to cook. Don’t forget to spread your diced fresh tomatoes on top of the mixture before you put the pan in the oven. If you enjoy this recipe, consider other recipes that are paleo diet-friendly, as this could lead you – and your family – down the path to healthier and happier eating habits.

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