Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Provident Living Retreat

Do you ever want to go all pioneer/frontier? There is a big movement towards provident living. You know -- Raise your own chickens, canning, make your own soap, cheesemaking.

My magazine Alive! Utah is partnering with Nature Hills Farms and the Willow Glen Inn to bring you a 2 day provident living retreat.


It is a whole weekend of workshops on self sustained and provident living. We will also be having free demos and vendors on Saturday.

The best part even if you don't live in Enoch or Cedar City Utah we have made arrangements with the beautiful bed and breakfast Willow Glen Inn to give room discounts to those who want to attend the workshops and make a weekend of it. Check out the Willow Glen Inn here. It is beautiful and where all the workshops and demos will be at.

We are taking registration now and you must be preregistered for the classes.

Beekeeping 101
Bread, Butter and Jam
Cheesemaking 101
Raising A Family Cow
Chickens 101
Pressure Canning
Natural Medicine

We are also looking for vendors that have to do with provident living. You can find out more online.

1 comment:

Chef Tess said...

What kind of vendors do you need? I'm working very closely with Honeyville farms in all of their stores and could probably help.


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