Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year New Blog

Happy NEW Year! Time for some changes. For the past few years the focus of this blog has been learning how to use food storage and pantry items in a delicious way. I have learned a lot. But by no means do I only cook out of my food storage and so I am rethinking my blog a little. I have a ridiculous amount of recipes that I have vowed to try. They are overflowing out of my recipe cabinet. My New Year's resolution is to streamline my recipe cabinet. Keep what works -- Throw out what doesn't. So I am adding a few elements to my blog.

1. Once a week I will still share a pantry friendly meal. After all the blog is called Pantry Eats.
2. Once a week I will share a new recipe that I have tried from my "to do" recipe list.
3. Twice a month I will share a seasonal recipe. I am a big believer in seasonal eating. 

So here is to happy eating. Enjoy these links for recipes you may have missed.
Our most viewed recipe for 2011. banana and cherry jello pops
What we were making a year ago: Sugar Free Raspberry Soda

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Stacy said...

Your New Year's resolution sounds similar to my goals that I started in to do something with this crazy collection of mine.


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